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Delayed Departure Can Be a Nightmare

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According to Money High Street, having your holiday departure delayed can be a nightmare.  Be careful to check the travel delay cover offered by your travel insurance policy.  Even if you find a great deal on travel insurance, you should still make sure you get good travel delay cover.

Travel insurance plans that cover travel delay can offset some of the additional costs incurred while unable to travel.  These reimbursable expenses can include lodging, meals, phone calls and local transportation while delayed.  Most plans have a list of covered reasons for travel delay which must be met in order to have a claim paid.  There are also requirements as to the amount of time a traveler has been delayed before the travel delay benefit is available.    This can range from 3-24 hours depending on the plan.  Most travel insurance plans have a policy dollar limit as well as a daily dollar limit for expenses that can be reimbursed.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.