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Delta Hit With Fine for Bumping Passengers

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According to an article in eTurbo News, Delta just got hit with a $375,000 fine-a civil penalty-for violating rules designed to protect passengers who’ve been bumped.

In a prepared statement, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says, “Airlines often oversell their flights in order to ensure that they fill their seats.”  LaHood asserts the Department of Transportation takes rules governing passenger rights in those circumstances “seriously.”

Many travelers do not receive what they consider just compensation when they are inconveniently bumped from their scheduled flight.  Travel insurance can provide relief in such a situation.  Most plans offer a travel delay benefit when there is this type of common carrier caused delay.  Travel delay can reimburse the costs of lodging, food, transportation and phone calls while delayed.  There is normally a set amount of time that the traveler must be delayed before the benefit is available.  Always read the fine print, as that time can range from 3 to 24 hours.  Refer to the certificates of insurance for details.