Didn’t Buy Travel Insurance Yet – Am I Out of Luck?

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Question from Cruise Critic’s Forum

Didn’t Buy Travel Insurance Yet – Am I Out of Luck?

I should have done this sooner, but was not thinking. Normally we don’t purchase insurance and have just taken the risk. We booked a cruise for August, back in early December, so I’m beyond having the pre-exisitng conditions waiver. This trip I’m most concerned about my 90-year-old father, who is not coming with us. Being that old, he does have medical issues. I was just told by TravelGuard that if he gets very sick and I would have to rush home, anything he has which is considered pre-exisitng would not be covered. Does anyone have any experience with this type of situation? Any recommendations? – E&B

Squaremouth’s Response

If your father is not traveling with you, not all policies require you to have pre-existing coverage like Travel Guard does. To find these types of policies, look under the definition of a “pre-existing condition”. If it defines a pre-existing condition as an illness or condition of someone booked to travel with you, then that’s the type of policy you want. This means that in the event you must cancel your trip or return home early, the insurance company will not look to see is the non-traveling family member’s condition is pre-existing.

Here is an example from Seven Corner’s Round Trip policy found on Squaremouth’s website: “Pre-Existing Condition: means any injury, sickness or condition of You, or Your Traveling Companion, Your Family Member booked to travel with you for which within...”