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Do You Know Your Travel Insurance Partner?

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This article reproduced from Travel Insured International’s newsletter.

The economic challenges facing consumers in today’s economy are prompting government officials to refocus attention on consumer protection laws. At Travel Insured International we take the time and effort to assist our industry sales partners to become properly licensed before selling our travel insurance. Travel Insured is licensed as a company to sell travel insurance in all states, and meets all of the regulatory requirements set by state legislatures and overseen by state insurance departments. Travel Insured’s products are available for sale in all U.S. states, and meet the requirements of individual states in which they are sold.

Travel Insured does not sell anything not guaranteed by a strong financial company. We remind our industry partners to always carefully review the insurance products you sell. Make sure your insurance provider is properly licensed in the states where you sell their products. Study consumer reviews of insurance providers, such as those provided by the Better Business Bureau. Make sure their products are backed by a strong financial underwriter, as evaluated by the insurance rating service AM Best. Remember that when you sell any financial products such as travel insurance they must always meet government regulatory requirements

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