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Don’t Rely Solely on Missed Connection Coverage this Holiday Season

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This weekend marks one of the busiest travel weekends of the year at airports across the country and Squaremouth is reminding travelers to choose wisely when considering coverage for a missed or delayed flight. Initially, the differences between missed connection and trip interruption coverage may seem subtle, but the coverage a traveler chooses can greatly differ.

So when it comes to covering delays, what is the basic difference between the two?

If a trip is interrupted for a covered reason and a traveler needs to rejoin their trip, the trip interruption benefit can pay those costs. Coverage provided by the trip interruption benefit can total up to 150% of the trip cost. This may mean thousands more in coverage compared to the missed connection benefit, which may only offer a few hundreds dollars.

Missed connection coverage is an added benefit that may cover the cost incurred to catch up to a trip if a traveler misses a flight connection. The travel insurance provider usually requires the traveler be delayed a specific amount of time, and miss a connection for specific, common carrier-related reasons, such as inclement weather.

In other words, the terms of missed connection coverage may be more specific. If a traveler misses the time limit by even a few minutes, coverage may be denied. Trip interruption offers a larger pool of coverage, for covered reason listed on the policy. These differences can greatly impact a traveler’s ability to receive reimbursement, which is why choosing the policy that fits best can make all the difference for holiday travel.