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Eliminate Embarrassment this Holiday Season. by Frank Morosky

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Mention flatulence or intestinal gas, and you’re bound to get a chuckle. But for more than 44 million Americans, it is a serious concern. The odor associated with excessive flatulence can be so embarrassing that it prevents people from traveling and enjoying normal social interactions.
People like Jane Simoson, 39, can travel with confidence this holiday season due to her Flat-D Chair Pad. Jane is one of 44 million people in the US that are afflicted with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and one of its nasty side effects is gas or flatulence. Simoson says â??this product has changed my lifeâ??. Many people, like Simoson, will be traveling this holiday season in confined spaces like cars, trains, buses and airplanes. This product will give them confidence and freedom to go and do whatever they want without the fear of being embarrassed.
The New Flat-D Chair Pad is a black in color, thin and flexible pad that is simply placed on your favorite chair (Recliner, Desk or Wheelchair). The Chair Pad is made of a special activated charcoal cloth which absorbs the odor out of gas in much the same way as a sponge absorbs water. This material is lightweight, extremely thin (1/16th of an inch), breathable, washable and reusable. When you travel it can be rolled, folded and placed in a pocket or purse. This makes it ideal for travel via airplane, car, or train. With the holidays coming up we donâ??t want to be in enclosed spaces without our Chair Pad.
A G.I. Doctor customer calls his office desk chair his â??Safe Chairâ??. He will do his rounds and get all filled up with malodorous gas. He rushes back to his small office and expels his gas in his chair. He comments that his nurses now donâ??t mind coming into his office now.
We will be eating and drinking a wide variety of foods to celebrate the holidays. Food choices are one of the causes of excessive flatulence gas. This will lead to many embarrassing situations with family and friends. You donâ??t want to be remembered as a stinker this holiday.
The author of this article is the vice president of Flat-D Innovations, Inc that makes a wide variety of Flatulence Deodorizer devices. Contact him at, or 319-447-4840