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Eruption in Indonesia Impacting Travel Plans

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A volcanic eruption in Indonesia is beginning to affect travel in the surrounding areas.  This is raising travelers’ concerns as they are reminded of the many cancelled European flights back in April of 2010 due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland.  This also had a great impact on travel insurance coverage.  A recent article from MSNBC addressed the current volcanic activity in Indonesia.

Indonesia’s most dangerous volcano forced international airlines to cancel flights to nearby airports Tuesday, as fiery lava lit the rumbling mountain’s cauldron and plumes of smoke blackened the sky.

Scientists warned that the slow eruption could continue for weeks, like a “marathon, not a sprint.”

So far, the eruption has not had the impact that Eyjafjallajokul had in April.  However, it is important to look closely before buying a travel insurance policy.  Once a catastrophic event, like a volcanic eruption, is considered foreseeable, new policies will not cover that event.  Learn more about how travel insurance worked for the eruption in Iceland in the press release It’s Too Late to Buy Travel Insurance for the Volcanic Ash Cancellations, Squaremouth Warns.

Source:  Indonesian volcano forces flight cancellations