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European Travel Alert and Travel Insurance

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A travel alert has been issued for Americans traveling to Europe.  During the announcement, it was carefully explained that this is a travel alert, not a travel warning.  Americans are able to continue traveling to Europe, but should take extra precautions.  Many people are wondering what terrorism coverage is available with travel insurance.  It is important to look closely at the details of a policy, especially with terrorism.

In order to cancel or interrupt a trip, it must be for a reason specifically mentioned in the policy.  A travel alert for terrorism is not one of the covered reason. CSA has provided a statement to clarify how coverage will apply:

Unfortunately, unless there’s an actual terrorist incident in a city on their itinerary, Travel Warnings are not something that allows you to cancel and receive reimbursement through the travel insurance.

Many policies cover if there is an travel warning because of a terrorist attack at the destination.  Some language is more generous and will cover an attack in any city listed on your itinerary.  Normally, the attack must be close to the departure date, about 30 days.  Some will exclude coverage if there have been recent attacks at the destination prior to purchasing the policy.  Make sure to note whether foreign and domestic terrorism is covered.  Lastly, remember, terrorism is not the same as a riot, insurrection or war.  A “terrorist attack” normally must be deemed so by the U.S. State Department.

If this travel alert led someone to cancel their trip, only a claim for cancel for any reason claim would be paid.  However, this will not reimburse the whole trip cost like trip cancellation can.  In order to find a policy with cancel for any reason, be sure to shop soon after booking the trip because this coverage is only available for a short time.

Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.  Travelers with questions can contact Squaremouth at 800-240-0369.