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Flights Cancelled Because of Computer Problems

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Not all flight delays are caused by weather or mechanical issues with the airplane.  Alaskan Airlines recently had to delay and cancel flights due to computer failure.  Passengers affected by the itinerary changes should check with the airline and their travel insurance policy to see what restitution is available.  A recent article from CBS provided more detail about the incident.

Alaska Airlines and its Horizon Air affiliate said Saturday they have canceled dozens of flights because their computer system failed.

The two airlines canceled 60 flights by late Saturday morning, six hours after the outage started, said company spokesman Paul McElroy.

The airlines have been able to operate about 20 flights during the day.

Displaced passengers will be rebooked without a fee.

Customers should call the airline to check on their flight before going to the airport.

A similar situation happened earlier this month as computer gliches delayed Southwest flights.  Travel insurance can cover a situation like these in several ways.  It is important to remember that any compensation provided by the airlines will impact the amount that can be paid by an insurance claim.

During a delay, travelers can be reimbursed for food, taxis and hotel expenses by the travel delay benefit.  A delay must last for a set amount of time, depending on the policy, and there can be daily limits of coverage.

When this type of delay prevents travelers from making another trip departure, missed connection coverage can help.  This covers the transportation costs to catch up to the trip.  This coverage also requires a set amount of delay time.  look closely when comparing policies, because some only offer this coverage for a missed cruise or tour departure, not for a missed flight connection.

If a flight delay or cancellation causes significant time of the trip to be missed, trip interruption coverage can reimburse travelers what is not refunded.  It is wise to review the certificate of insurance and read the covered reasons that must be satisfied before trip interruption coverage applies, as not all plans will cover this situation.

Source: Alaska Airlines computers fail, flights canceled