Year-Over-Year Growth

Travel to France for U.S. residents increased by 38% in 2018

Schengen Country

France is one of the Schengen countries where travelers are required to have medical coverage for entry

Top Traveler Concerns

Trip Interruption and Terrorism are growing concerns for travelers visiting France

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France Travel Insurance Fast Facts:

For U.S. residents, France is the fourth most popular international destination. In 2018, the number of U.S. travelers insuring trips to France increased by 38% over the previous year. Most of these travelers searched for comprehensive travel insurance, covering their trip costs and medical to meet the Schengen requirements. Specifically, following recent violent events, such as the Christmas market attack in Strasbourg and the riots in Paris , Trip Interruption and Terrorism coverage were major concerns.

Despite high demand and popularity, the cost of trips to France have remained affordable compared to other popular destinations. The average cost of a trip to France is just less than $3,400. This places France’s trip cost right in the middle of the 25 most popular destinations for U.S. residents.

Squaremouth’s France Travel Insurance Recommendations:

Most importantly, we recommend travelers buy a travel insurance policy that will meet the Schengen visa requirements. This means travelers going to France are required to have at least $50,000 in medical coverage. For international trips, we typically recommend a minimum of $50,000 in Emergency Medical coverage, and $100,000 in Medical Evacuation.

Additionally, a travel insurance policy with Trip Cancellation coverage will likely cover most other traveler concerns. Under most policies, this includes Trip Interruption and Terrorism. To go along with these benefits, these policies will also cover travel delays and lost or delayed luggage.