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Hazardous Sports Coverage: What to Look For

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Adventurous travelers who want to take part in extreme sports or outdoor activities while on vacation may not realize that these activities are not covered in some travel insurance policies. Activities like mountain climbing, whitewater rafting, and jet skiing could be considered excluded activities. Here is what travelers should look for if they think they’ll need coverage for hazardous sports.

Hazardous Sports Options
Some policies are specifically designed for more adventurous travelers and include built-in hazardous sports coverage. Alternatively, some plans provide optional hazardous sports upgrades. These benefits provide coverage for typically excluded activities like mountain climbing, bungee jumping, snow skiing or parasailing.

What’s Not Covered
Keep in mind that participation in scholastic, collegiate or other organized amateur sports will typically be excluded from coverage. Some extreme activities like BASE jumping can still be excluded from coverage, even if a policy offers a hazardous sports upgrade.

The best thing travelers can do when looking for hazardous sports coverage is to first check a policy’s exclusions. If the activity is not excluded, it may not be necessary to look any further. If the activity is excluded, look for a hazardous sports option that provides the necessary coverage.