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Help, My Claim Was Denied

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Travelers take their vacations hoping everything goes as planned.  Of course, if the unexpected happens, potentially ruining a trip, travel insurance can provide the travelers some relief.  But what if a traveler thinks they have done everything according to the policy and their claim was still denied?  Squaremouth customers have the Zero Complaint Guarantee and an advocate in their corner.

The Zero Complaint Guarantee is exclusive to Squaremouth customers.  It extends to all policies bought through Squaremouth and applies to all of our insurance carriers.  If there is a claim that is not being handled properly, Squaremouth will mediate on behalf of the traveler.  All claims paperwork and correspondence will be reviewed to check whether the travel insurance policy language was enforced appropriately.  Unless the claim is resolved to Squaremouth’s satisfaction, the insurance carrier will be removed from the website entirely.

If a traveler has a claim they feel was unjustly denied, they should contact Squaremouth at 800-240-0369 or to initiate a Zero Complaint Guarantee case.