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Honeymoon Gone Wrong, a Travel Tale from Travel Guard

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Travel insurance carriers will sometimes share customer experiences in their company newsletter.  Recently, Travel Guard posted the story of a couple on their honeymoon when the husband has a medical emergency.  The following is an excerpt of their testimonial.

As we were on our snorkeling adventure in St. Lucia, Scott suddenly pulled back from me in the water. When we came to the surface, I asked what was wrong. He said his knee locked up in the water. We both made it back to the boat to see what was going on with his knee. He was in a lot of pain. When we got back to shore, it took two men to help him off the boat. His knee was still locked. After we were assisted by the medical staff, the only crutches available for my 6’4” husband were for someone 5’10”. We sat in our room and didn’t know what to do. If we couldn’t find crutches on the island that were for his size, we would have to come home. It was only the fourth day on our ten-day honeymoon. Could this really be happening?

We decided to call Travel Guard, to get information on what we could do. They were helpful in letting us know they were there to assist us in whatever we needed. We were instructed to keep all our receipts of any medical purchases we made while on the island. After I got off the phone, we talked about whether to cut our honeymoon short, or to continue on, and try to find some crutches and medical assistance. We headed to town; my husband awkwardly using crutches that were too short for him. Trying to keep our spirits up, we chuckled as we realized how funny we must look.

When we got to the clinic, my husband had an x-ray and met with a doctor. It didn’t look good for his knee. It was determined later, that he had completely torn his meniscus in his knee and would need surgery. After leaving the clinic, we got some pain relievers, and went on our “hunt” for larger crutches. We took a cab to another hospital across the island. It was there that we finally found crutches that fit him. We decided to continue our honeymoon. Was the rest of the trip a challenge? I would be lying if I said no, but we made the most of it.

There are several coverage benefits that can assist during a situation like this.  Medical evacuation can cover the cost of emergency medical transportation.  The cost of treatment can be covered by emergency medical.  An injury or illness can also lead to trip interruption, however, these travelers decided to continue their vacation.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.

Source:  Honeymoon Gone Wrong