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Honeymoon Travel Insurance

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For many newlyweds, honeymoons are a financial investment. Purchasing travel insurance is a smart way for newlyweds to ensure that their first trip as a married couple goes as planned. Travel insurance can help protect expensive, non-refundable trip costs for things like cruises, tours, and all-inclusive resort vacations. It can also protect travelers from financial default and costs incurred from unexpected incidents. Newlyweds, or anyone looking to protect their travel investments from the unexpected, should consider these key points.

Purchasing a policy from an independent provider as opposed to purchasing one from a travel supplier has its benefits. While the latter may seem more convenient, it doesn’t allow travelers the opportunity to shop around and compare policies. Additionally, many travelers look for financial default coverage as part of their plan. If they buy from a travel supplier, and the supplier goes bankrupt, it is likely that their insurance will be void.

When taking trips overseas, especially on cruises, travelers should keep the costs of medical expenses in mind. Many travel insurance policies include medical coverage to reimburse travelers for unexpected illnesses and injuries incurred on a covered trip. Medical evacuation costs can be much more expensive if travelers need to be transported from remote locations to receive medical care. Squaremouth recommends at least $50,000-$100,000 of medical evacuation coverage for international travel.

If travelers plan to participate in adventure sports, selecting a policy with hazardous sports coverage may be important. Many travel insurance plans exclude coverage for activities like motorcycle and motor scooter riding, mountaineering, parachuting, scuba diving and bungee jumping. However, hazardous sports upgrades may be available for certain policies. With all travel insurance, it is important to read policy details and understand the terms of coverage.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough. Enjoying a vacation should not be. Honeymooners may find themselves much more at-ease while making lasting memories when they are protected by travel insurance.