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How Do You Navigate an Insurance Policy?

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When purchasing any type of insurance policy, reading the fine print is of vital importance. Usually, when a traveler has a bad experience with a travel insurance claim, it is because they didn’t fully understand the limitations of a policy before they purchased it.  The following steps will help travelers ensure that they have selected the right policies for their trips.

1. Read the Certificate: The certificate is the legal document that defines a policy’s coverage.  Reading the certificate is the first step to fully understanding coverage. The certificate can be found on the insurer’s website and is also available in the “policy details” of each plan on

2. Read Policy Exclusions: The exclusions are a part of the certificate, but are separately defined. The exclusions will list all of the situations in which coverage is unavailable. If a traveler wants to make sure a particular situation is covered, it is a good idea to make sure it is not listed in the policy’s exclusions.

3. Review Coverage Limits: The limits are the maximum amounts listed for any benefit. For example, a policy may include specific maximums for emergency medical, evacuation, trip interruption and travel delay benefits. It is important to review maximums to ensure that a policy offers adequate coverage.

4. Look for Optional Riders: Often, policies will provide extra coverage (sometimes for an increased premium) for special circumstances. Some examples of optional riders are pre-existing medical conditions, hazardous sports, and “cancel for any reason.”

Sometimes, the above may not provide the answers that a traveler is looking for. In those situations, it is advisable to contact the provider or agent directly. Squaremouth has licensed representatives available Monday-Friday from 9am-9pm ET to assist with customer questions or concerns.