How Much Dental Coverage Does Travel Insurance Provide?

How Much Dental Coverage Does Travel Insurance Provide?

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While most Emergency Medical policies provide thousands of dollars of coverage for a medical emergency, dental coverage is typically only be a fraction of that amount.

Most travelers understand travel insurance can cover unforeseen medical emergencies, however, some customers don’t realize their policy will likely have dental coverage limitations. Travelers should know that travel insurance usually provides minimal coverage, ranging from $100-$750, for accidental injuries to natural teeth.

In addition to understanding what is covered, it’s also important to know when the care needs to take place. Some policies require that the treatment be completed before travelers return home, while others provide coverage up to 12 months after the injury.

Regardless when the dental injury is treated, travel insurance usually excludes routine care, dental bridges and the replacement of false teeth. So if a fake tooth falls out during a trip, its replacement will probably not be covered by travel insurance.

Unless specifically listed in the policy, painful teeth not related to an injury are typically not covered. Travelers who want coverage for major toothaches should look for policies, such as the Trawick International Safe Travels International, which includes $500 in dental treatment coverage for the relief of pain.

Customers looking for large amounts of dental insurance should review the Generali (CSA Travel Protection) Custom policy which has up to $50,000 in emergency dental coverage. However, artificial teeth, dental bridges, dentures, dental braces, retainers and other orthodontic devices are excluded from this policy.