Travel Insurance FAQ

How to Use Your Travel Insurance

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A common question when comparing travel insurance is what to do if the coverage is needed during the trip.  First, it is important to remember that every policy has a toll free, 24 hour emergency assistance number, which is a collect call from out of the country.   These services help arrange medical transportation and treatment during an emergency.  Many policies also offer travel related assistance and even concierge services.  Whether the need is medical or travel related, communicate with the insurance company as soon as possible.

Insurance provider MH Ross addressed this topic in their agent newsletter:

  • Whether it is a missing camera or someone falls, make sure to have it documented in writing or at the very least get the contact information of the person the incident is reported to.
  • Make sure to keep all receipts for any money spent such as food being purchased or a change of clothing purchased depending on the type of claim.

As MH Ross highlights, this information is needed to successfully file a claim.  It can be frustrating to follow these steps during an incident, but trying to document it and gather invoices afterward can be difficult.

The article How To Make A Successful Travel Insurance Claim, Advises Squaremouth explains this process in more detail and provides another tip; don’t wait to file the claim.  Many policies don’t allow a claim to be filed after several months past the return date.  Again, as more time passes, less detailed information is available, making it more difficult to file a claim.