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How Travel Insurance Applies to the Recent Egyptian Protests

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In Cairo, the clash of pro-Morsi protesters and the Egyptian security forces has taken a deadly turn. The protesters have been performing sit-ins after president Mohamed Morsi was ousted from his position. This Wednesday, the Egyptian security forces began clearing out the encampments using armored vehicles and bulldozers.  Reports of the total number of deaths have ranged from 15 to 300 people.

Situations like this can cause concern for travelers who are headed to the area. In an effort to protect themselves, many travelers feel travel insurance is a good option. Unfortunately, this type of coverage is typically excluded from travel insurance. This means travelers can not use the trip cancellation or interruption benefits because of political or civil unrest.

For travelers who feel coverage for civil or political unrest is important, there are a few options. The cancel for any reason benefit allows travelers to cancel their trip without giving the insurance company a reason. However, this benefit typically only reimburses between 50-75% of the trip cost and the trip must be cancelled at least two days prior to departure. Another benefit travelers can look for is non-medical evacuation coverage. This benefit can transport travelers to a safe place during a time of civil or political unrest.