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HTH Blogs About High Altitude Sunburn

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Travel insurance carriers frequently provide travel information, advice and tips on their website or blog.  A recent post on the HTH Healthy Travel Blog warns people who are planning a high altitude trip against the increased sun exposure.  The following is an excerpt from the story.

If you are hiking at 8,500 feet, you are exposed to almost 60% more sun than you would be at the beach. It’s no surprise, then, that at higher elevations, people who normally tolerate the sun well, may not, and people who burn easily at the beach are at severe risk. In less than twenty minutes, fair-skinned people may notice their skin becoming red and sore, even if they are a lightly shaded by trees overhead. Reflected light from snow or water aggravates the situation even more, as many vacationing skiers have found to their chagrin.

With the increased exposure to UV-B, the expected annual non-melanoma skin cancer rate for year-round residents at 8,500 feet is estimated to be approximately 115 percent greater than those living at sea level at the same latitude.

Source: Mountainous Melanoma! Elevated Erythema! It’s High Altitude Sunburn!