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HTH Travel Alerts – Dengue Fever Filling up Hospitals in the Philippines

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Travel insurance carriers often provide information about current events that affect coverage.  This can include weather events, civil or political unrest or health warnings.  Such travel alerts are available in newsletters, blogs or on the carrier’s website.  The following is a travel alert from HTH regarding the Dengue Fever filling up Hospitals in the Philippines.

August 24, 2010. Dengue fever filling up hospitals in the Philippines

SOURCE: Altegrity Risk International

The rapid rise in dengue fever cases in the Philippines has led to bed shortages in Manila hospitals, including government-owned San Lazaro where two dengue victims per bed is increasingly common, local media said on August 20th. On that day, some 93 patients checked into that hospital alone due to the virus. In the first eight months of 2010, at least 48,780 cases of dengue fever have been reported in the Philippines with some 387 deaths.

Source: Dengue fever filling up hospitals in the Philippines