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HTH Travel Alerts – Flood Waters Continue to Spread in Pakistan

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Travel insurance carriers often provide information about current events that affect coverage.  This can include weather events, civil or political unrest or health warnings.  Such travel alerts are available in newsletters, blogs or on the carrier’s website.  The following is a travel alert from HTH on the floods in Pakistan.

August 5, 2010. Flood waters continue to spread in Pakistan

SOURCE:  Altegrity Risk International

It has been reported that surging flood waters in Pakistan that have killed more than 1,500 people in the past week have spread to swathes of the central and southern regions of the country. The United Nations estimates that at least four million people have now been affected by the country’s worst floods in nearly a century. Ongoing monsoon rains and the swollen Indus River have caused thousands more to flee homes in its most populous province, Punjab. Officials said that the flooding also prompted 350,000 people in neighboring Sindh province to be moved.

Source:  Flood waters continue to spread in Pakistan