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Hurricane Awareness for Travelers

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Heading to the Caribbean during hurricane season could prove costly. There are a number of things travelers should consider when booking a trip between the months of June and November.

If a flight is interrupted due to hurricane conditions, many airlines will reimburse travelers for flight costs. However, travelers should be aware that they will not be reimbursed for non-refundable flights.

Many hotels will waive cancellation fees and allow travelers to re-book at a later date.
Some resorts offer  a “Hurricane Guarantee” to reimburse any lost vacation days.

Despite potential refunds from hotels and airlines, travelers may still incur losses associated with hurricane delay. Many travel insurance policies provide benefits to help recoup losses due to weather, including: travel delay, missed connection, trip cancellation and trip interruption.

Squaremouth recommends travel goers check their travel insurance plans to review policy limitations.