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I Don’t Need Medical, But the Rest of My Party Does

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Travel Insurance plans are designed with the benefits of coverage as a total package.  In many cases, there can be selectable upgrades, however, travel insurance is not meant to be a-la-carte selections of coverage.  This question is most common among groups of travelers where the individuals are of different age groups, different families, some without primary health care while other travelers have great coverage outside of the home state or country.

The best way to find a travel insurance plan that will satisfy the whole traveling party is to compare travel insurance quotes.  There may be plans with limited benefits of coverage, such as trip cancellation but no medical or medical evacuation, as is the case with the Lite Protection Plan from iTravelInsured .  While this may be what the traveler was thinking would be the best option, always compare multiple plans.  There might be a plan with higher benefits of coverage for less money, based on the individual travelers and the trip.

There is also the option of insuring different members of the traveling party on different travel insurance policies.  This won’t always save money, but is an easy way to make certain that each traveler has their coverage needs met.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.