Travel Insurance FAQ

I Purchased Extra Flier Miles, is this Covered by Travel Insurance?

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Most travel insurance plans include trip cancellation and trip interruption, which can reimburse forfeited travel expenses.  Trip cost can include any expenses of the trip that are pre-paid and non-refundable.  Whether to insure frequent flier is a common question.

Trip cost should not include the cash value of a ticket purchased with reward points or miles.  If the trip is cancelled or changed, the traveler may pay fees, but the miles are usually re-usable.  This means there is no loss, other than the fees and taxes.  Therefore, fees and taxes associated with reward points or miles can be insured as trip cost.

If extra miles were purchased in order to book a reward ticket, the out of pocket expense of the miles should not be included as trip cost.  Again, fees and taxes can be insured, but not the value of the miles.  The reason is because if the trip were cancelled, normally the miles can be re-deposited, thus, they are not lost.  A trip cancellation claim would not reimburse for the expense of the miles if the traveler is allowed to keep the miles for a future trip.

Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.