Travel Insurance FAQ

In an Emergency, Can I Be Transported to the Hospital of My Choice?

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Many travelers looking for emergency medical and medical evacuation benefits often question whether or not they can be transported to a hospital of their choice in an emergency. Travel insurance benefits can offer coverage to travelers who fall ill or are unexpectedly injured during their trip, but may not allow travelers to choose where they receive treatment.

However, some policies include a little-known benefit called “Hospital of Choice,” which may give travelers peace of mind in knowing that they can choose to seek medical treatment in a hospital that is comfortable for them and provides excellent care.

For example, Travel Guard’s Gold plan offers an upgrade that includes the hospital of choice benefit and $500,000 of additional emergency medical coverage.

Global Alert’s plans allow travelers to be evacuated to a hospital in their home city. Additionally, travelers may choose to be evacuated to a hospital in a city other than their home city, but the maximum amount payable is limited to the cost of a medical evacuation home.

Alternatively, Squaremouth offers membership plans from MedjetAssist, a medical evacuation and repatriation program. The program will arrange medical transfer for members who are hospitalized more than 150 miles from their home, domestically or internationally, to the hospital of their choice. MedjetAssist is a pre-paid membership plan, with no monetary limit to the program benefits and no claims forms. MedjetAssist is only available to travelers under age 75.

Medical evacuation must be arranged by the travel insurance provider, and can be done by contacting the 24-hour emergency assistance number. Travelers should always refer to the policy certificate for specific details relating to the medical evacuation benefit.