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What You Should Know About Cruise Line Insurance in 2014

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Cruises offer the attraction of multiple destinations for low prices and convenience in an economy where travelers need to consider their expenses more and more. For a traveler who wants to see more of the world, but cannot be a spendthrift, a cruise may be the most logical option. According to RoamRight, cruises traveling to Asia, Central America, Europe, and Oceania will be popular destinations for 2014.

Limitations with Cruise Line Insurance

Cruise-goers are often presented with the option to purchase travel insurance through the cruise line when booking their trip. However, this may not be the best option for travel insurance. According to Seven Corners Inc., insurance bought through a cruise line may offer limited coverage if the cruise line experiences financial issues, due to a binding contract limiting the cruise line’s liability financially when travelers book their cruise.

Purchase From a Third Party Vender

Additionally, purchasing insurance through a company that specializes in Travel Insurance offers more thorough policies, with more extensive medical care. Travelers are encouraged to seek the most competitive coverage, and to compare multiple travel insurance companies with the coverage offered by the cruise lines as well.

TravelSafe offers three reasons why it is important to insure one’s trip including reimbursement for a traveler’s financial costs, to protection for costs incurred due to medical expenses, and to insure any damage or loss to one’s belongings while traveling.

Travelers who have decided to purchase travel insurance for their cruise in 2014 should go a step further and research the insurance coverage provided by the cruise lines in addition to the insurance offered by a third party vendor to make the most informed decision.