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iTravelInsured Discusses Border Town Violence

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Travel insurance carriers will often post frequently asked questions and answers online and in newsletters.  The following is an excerpt from the iTravelInsured March newsletter.  It discusses how their travel insurance plans address US and Mexican border town violence.

“I have a trip booked to a resort in Cancun Mexico but I am frightened by all the news about the drug wars occurring in some of the border towns in Mexico. If I cancel my trip would I be covered?”

Cancellation of a trip because of “fear” is not a covered reason under most travel insurance policies. An actual fortuitous event must occur to an insured person before the insurance policy will provide benefits. The drug gang wars are considered criminal acts and are not acts of war or terror. Prior to choosing your vacation destination, it is always a good idea to visit the U.S. State Department for a listing of travel warnings and advisories.

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