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Japan Scans International Flights for H1N1

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The following article was reproduced from HTH Worldwide’s Healthy Travel Blog.

Japan is taking the threat of H1N1 very seriously, as evidenced by the new process arriving international flights must undergo.

Japanese officials are focused on H1N1 and were hoping to prevent the virus from invading Japan stopping it at the airport.  For this reason all incoming flights were rescheduled in order to arrive 30 minutes earlier than planned so that the health examiners would have time to scan every arriving passenger for signs of the flu.

On a flight in Tokyo, seven health examiners awkwardly stepped onto the plane, each one was dressed in a blue plastic suit, wearing protective goggles, a mask and gloves.  They walked up and down the aisles with a body temperature scanning device stopping to analyze each passenger by aiming the device at them to check for elevated temperatures indicating a fever.  If anyone had shown signs of a fever, EVERYONE on the flight would have been quarantined in a local hospital for one week.

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