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John Hancock Position Statement on Israel

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John Hancock Insurance Agency, Inc.

Released: 7/25/2014

For individuals wanting to purchase coverage after July 8th, 2014 there will be no coverage for the events in Israel as they are considered foreseen.

For those individuals that purchased a John Hancock Plan before July 8th, 2014 and incurred an unforeseeable loss, coverage may be considered for Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Trip Delay and Emergency Medical coverage, provided the insured meets the policy requirements.

The following benefits below may be relevant considering the recent Hamas Bombings.  The benefits listed below are not intended to represent every term in the policy that is or may be impacted by the Hamas bombings.  All other benefits, exclusions, terms and conditions will apply accordingly.

Under Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption

  •  A Terrorist Incident in Your city of departure or Destination occurring after Your Effective Date, if You are scheduled to arrive in or depart from that city within 30 days following the Terrorist Incident.
  • If purchased, the All Events upgrade can provide a portion of the trip cost back to the insured provided they meet the individual policy requirements of this benefit.

Under Trip Delay

  • Delay while en route to or from final destination for at least 5 hours or more due to a covered reason, such as a common carrier delay.