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LaGuardia Named Worst Airport

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During the busy holiday travel season, many travelers are concerned about flight delays and cancellations.  Travel insurance can alleviate additional costs or forfeited travel expenses when a vacation is delayed or cancelled.  A recent article from Fox News addressed the worst U.S. airports.  The following is an excerpt from the story.

Portland, Oregon’s international airport topped the list as America’s best airport while New York’s LaGuardia was ranked the worst, according to a Zagat survey of 30 U.S. airports released on Tuesday.

It was the fourth consecutive last-place finish for LaGuardia, a congested airport in the borough of Queens which is plagued by delays but hopes to burnish its image with new high-profile restaurants.

The airport, which managed only a 6.2 rating on a 30-point scale, scored far lower in the survey released this week than even reviled flying hubs such as Los Angeles International, Chicago’s O’Hare and Miami International.

LaGuardia was down two points from its last-place 2007 finish, and far below Miami’s lowly 7.8.

For those traveling through traditionally poor performing airports or during times of potentially extreme weather, such winter snow storms, having good travel delay coverage becomes more important.  Travel delay reimburses additional expenses resulting from a common carrier delay.  Lodging, local transportation and food all are eligible expenses.  Look closely at different policies because some have daily dollar limits as well as overall policy limits.  Also, travel insurance requires the delay last for a set amount of time before coverage applies, usually 5-12 hours.

If a flight is delayed for a significant amount of time, trip interruption or trip cancellation coverage could apply.  Interruption means a part of the trip is missed, which only results in a partial reimbursement.  Cancellation is when the entire trip is cancelled and can result in a full reimbursement.  Both coverages require the delay be caused by one of the covered reasons listed in the policy in order for benefits to be available.  Many cover inclement weather which causes a stoppage of common carrier services for at least 12, 24 or 48 hours, depending on the policy.

Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.

Source:  LaGuardia Airport Named Nation’s Worst for Fourth Consecutive Year