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Life Insurance with Travel Insurance

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Some travel insurance plans offer life insurance benefits with the policy.  This coverage can be already included, or a selectable upgrade that will raise the cost of the premium.  Life insurance can be categorized in one of three ways.

Life Insurance Air Flight Accident AD&D provides coverage in the event of death or dismemberment while on a flight only.  There are some plans available that only provide this coverage at a lower premium cost as compared to more comprehensive travel insurance plans that includes this option.

Life Insurance Common Carrier is coverage for death or dismemberment while a passenger on any ticketed transport.  This can be a bus, train, cruise or plane.  If a travel insurance plan has this coverage and Life Insurance Air Flight Accident AD&D, then Life Insurance Common Carrier will not apply to the flight.

Life Insurance Accidental Death covers death or dismemberment for the traveler throughout the trip.  If there is other life insurance in the plan, either for air flight, or for common carrier, then those coverages are in effect where applicable and Life Insurance Accidental Death covers the remainder of the trip.

Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.