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From the Lonely Planet travel forum (you can view the full conversation here):

I’m currently teaching English in South Korea but am planning on leaving in March. My boyfriend and I are going to travel for a couple of months while job-hunting. My problem is that we would like to get some backpackers insurance out but every website I’ve looked at requires you to be a resident of that country. I’m from Ireland and he’s from America. I don’t want to get insurance from Ireland cause I know that if something does happen they could not pay out because I haven’t been a resident there for a couple of years.
Any suggestions as to insurance companies that we could get cover from?

Squaremouth’s Response:

It sounds like an international medical travel insurance policy may suit you.  Because you and your boyfriend have different residencies, you may be required to purchase different policies; however, there are several U.S.-based companies which do not require you to have U.S. residency in order to purchase.  A travel comparison website like will allow you to view and compare different international medical policies based on the coverage you are looking for.

I did some research on the information you provided, and looks like Seven Corners, HCCMIS, IMG, Trawick International, and Azimuth all offer policies based on your residency. If you are planning on spending any time in the U.S., make sure you purchase a policy that does not state “excl US” – you will want a policy that includes US (“incl US”).

If you have any other questions, I’d be happy to help!