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Medical Evacuation Benefits Can Be Life Saving

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For travelers in emergency medical situations, the value of emergency medical evacuation benefits can be substantial.

Recently, Eddie Mikell and his wife planned a European trip with another couple. After renting a home in the French countryside, the couples were prepared for a relaxing, idyllic vacation. However, after a truck clipped their rental car, three of the travelers were critically injured.

The couples were prepared to fly home after exhaustive treatment, but their full body casts dictated that they fly laying flat, with their seats completely reclined on a commercial plane.  In a situation like this, emergency medical evacuation coverage would have been very helpful.

Many travel insurance policies include evacuation coverage that will transport a traveler to an adequate medical treatment facility. If it is medically necessary, many will also transport a traveler home. Additionally, some policies provide transportation for a companion so a traveler will not be alone.

Although medical evacuations can be costly, $100,000 in coverage is usually sufficient. For more information about emergency medical evacuation, contact a licensed Squaremouth agent at 1-800-240-0369.