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MH Ross Explains Cancel For Work Reasons

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Some travel insurance poises cover if the trip is cancelled because you have to work during the vacation.  This would mean you had approved time off and it is revoked so now you have to work.  Some written statement from an officer in the company is normally required in order for a claim to be paid.

MH Ross recently wrote about cancel for work reasons coverage in their agent newsletter:

Unforeseen work reasons*….. Requirement that it must be documented by a written statement from a company officer and/or the HR department demonstrating revocation of previously approved time off.  Example of Cancellation due to Unforeseen Work Reasons:

If they work for a company, an officer or the HR department needs to write that the leave was previously granted and is now revoked.

If a small business owner had an employee who was to work while the owner was gone and they quit or became ill and the owner needs to work.

A person who is contract for hire is much more difficult to prove.   They would need to provide proof that the reason for the cancellation occurred after the insurance was purchased.