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MH Ross Official Statement on Current Volcano Activity

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In light of the current volcanic activity in areas of the world including Alaska and Japan, here is a summary of available benefits in the MH Ross Basic and Enhanced policies.  Natural Disaster is defined in the policy as a disaster resulting from natural causes including flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, volcanic eruption or blizzard.

Trip Delay:

In the event a Natural Disaster (i.e. volcanic eruption) causes an insured to be delayed 6 or more hours, there is coverage under Trip Delay benefits for 1) transportation to continue on the Covered Trip or to return home, 2) up to $100/day for the Basic policy and $200/day for the Enhanced policy for additional expenses if the delay requires an unplanned overnight stay and 3) unused non-refundable pre-paid expenses.  Coverage will be considered up to the maximum benefit amount of $500 for the Basic policy and $1,000 for the Enhanced policy.

Trip Cancellation/Interruption:

In relation to volcanic activity, there is available coverage up to the Maximum Benefit Amount under 1) Trip Cancellation for unused non-refundable prepaid expenses and 2) Trip Interruption for unused non-refundable prepaid expenses and return transportation, for the following reasons:

*       You or Your Traveling Companion’s Primary Residence of Destination accommodations being made uninhabitable during Your Covered Trip by Natural Disaster;
*       You or Your Traveling Companion’s place of business being mad unsuitable for the transaction of business by Natural Disaster;
*       Your or Your Traveling Companion being called to the emergency service of the government in response to a Natural Disaster;
*       Your arrival at Your Destination is delayed and causes You to lose 50% or more of the scheduled Covered Trip duration due to any of the unforeseen events covered under Trip Delay (which includes Natural Disaster).

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