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MH Ross Traveler Tips – Airport Wireless Internet

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Travel insurance carriers frequently provide advice for travelers on their website.  MH Ross addressed whether or not airport wireless internet is safe for travelers to use.  The following is an excerpt from the advice on the Traveler Tips on their website.

Yes, it’s okay to surf the web wirelessly, but think twice before entering personal information such as banking passwords or credit card numbers when connected wirelessly. Open hotspots are also hotspots for hackers.

Here’s how it works: Though you think you’re logging on to the Internet through a legitimate wireless hotspot such as an airport’s, cafés or hotel’s complimentary Wi-Fi service, wireless hackers are creating look-alike networks to steal your information. The network’s name might be the same as the legitimate name or it might be different. For example, when turning on your laptop at the airport you might be asked if you want to join the “Free Airport Wireless” network. It may be the real thing, or it may be a hacker’s network. If it’s the hackers, your laptop is an easy target.

Source:  MH Ross Traveler Tips