Midwest Gets Hit with Round Two of Blizzards

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Travelers may need to pull out their travel insurance coverage this week if they’re traveling through the Midwest. Another round of severe storms are expected to drop a foot of snow in Kansas City before moving on to Chicago, causing major airports to cancel thousands of flights.

Luckily, several airlines are offering flexible re-booking policies for travelers, allowing them to make a change within a specific window of time at no extra charge.

Travelers that will be missing out on other travel arrangements because they can’t reach their destination can use their trip cancellation benefit, which covers 100% reimbursement as long as travelers cancel for a reason listed on the policy. In this case,  travelers should be looking for coverage in their policy that addresses weather.

Keep in mind, some policies may only provide coverage if weather causes complete cessation of common carrier services for 12, 24, or even 48 consecutive hours. Others will cover any delay or cancellation of common carrier services for inclement weather.

This month’s string of severe winter storms is evidence that weather plays a huge role in major air travel and can cause unexpected travel disruptions of all kinds. Future travelers can learn from these last few storms how to better prepare with travel insurance for their upcoming trips.