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Misconceptions About Emergency Medical & Dental

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The iTravelInsured July newsletter discussed emergency medical & dental.

“Emergency medical & dental is primary if no other coverage exists (Medicare does not provide coverage if an eligible Medicare recipient travels outside the U.S.- so the travel insurance emergency medical benefit then becomes the primary). Many private health insurance plans have high deductibles and co-payment penalties that could cost a traveler thousands of dollars. The emergency medical benefit can fill the gap left by these deductibles and co-payment penalties.”

Most travel insurance policies provide emergency medical & dental cover.  Each plan will specify whether the medical is primary or secondary coverage.  Primary coverage allows the traveler to place a claim through the travel insurance company without involving the traveler’s normal primary health plan.  Secondary coverage requires that the traveler first exhaust their primary healthcare before claiming through the secondary travel insurance.  The secondary emergency medical & dental benefit can offset the remaining  costs such as a deductible or co-pay.  If the traveler has no primary healthcare, then the secondary medical travel insurance will act as the primary.  It is wise to consider whether or not pre-existing conditions are a concern for the traveling party, as not every policy will cover them.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.