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Mishandled Luggage in 2010

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Lost or delayed luggage may not be the worst thing that can happen on a vacation, but it is a situation where having a good travel insurnace policy helps.  Most travelers have at least one story that involves lost, damaged or delayed bags.  According to an article from MSNBC, the reported cases of mishandled luggage rose in 2010.

More than 1 percent of airline passengers last year had their luggage go astray and fail to turn up at their arrival airport when they did, the major IT solutions supplier to the air travel industry said Wednesday.

That translated to nearly 12 in every 1,000 passengers.

The figure rose from just over 11 in 1,000, but the trend in the four years since sophisticated baggage-tracking technology was introduced remained sharply down from nearly 19 passengers per thousand in 2007, the Geneva-based SITA said.

The group has issued an annual Baggage Report since 2004, mainly based on lost luggage claims.

The report blamed the climb in the mishandled rate last year partly on a strong increase in the number of airline passengers to 2.44 billion from 2.21 billion in 2009, when airlines were badly hit by the global financial crisis.

When travelers arrive at the destination, but their bags do not, two travel insurance coverage categories can apply.

Baggage delay coverage will reimburse for essential items during a delay.  Travelers can get a change of clothes, toiletries and other necessities while they are without their luggage.  The delay must last a set amount of time, which will vary from plan to plan.  Also look for per day limits and per person limits.

Baggage & personal items loss coverage can pay for things that are lost, damaged or stolen during the trip.  This benefit normally contains restrictions for items that can be covered and for how much they are covered.  Some plans only cover checked bags, while other plans cover the items throughout the trip.

Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.

Source: More airline baggage mishandled in 2010