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New Airline Ticket Protector from Travel Insured is Right Plan for Family & Business Travel Budgets

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This article was reproduced from a Travel Insured International newsletter.

Travel Insured International  proudly announces our new Airline Ticket Protector plan offering expanded features, higher benefit limits and new coverage options. The plan is the right insurance choice for families for whom an airline ticket is their primary vacation travel purchase, for business travelers for whom the airline ticket is their only out-of-pocket business expense and for clients visiting friends and relatives.

Included is coverage available for ticket costs up to $3,500, an expanded plan from the $1,000 airline ticket maximum fare covered in Travel Insured’s previous Airline Ticket Protector.

Included coverage in the plan, in addition to Trip Cancellation / Trip Interruption, features $500 limits each for Missed Connection, a new benefit and Trip Delay, which has no daily limit. The new ATP has $1,000 in Baggage & Personal Effects benefits, a new coverage, and $200 in Baggage Delay, an increase from $100 in the old Airline Ticket Protector plan.

Several options are available, highlighted by a new Cancel for Any Reason option available for a 50% supplemental premium. It carries a potential benefit payable in up to 75% of the trip cost in a cash refund. Other options include Flight Accident insurance of up to $1 million, Emergency Medical Expense of $50,000 in a combined option with $250,000 in MedEvac coverage, and a rental car Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) coverage option for only $7 per day with the CDW cost applied only to the primary traveler named on the Airline Ticket Protector plan.. Travelers can qualify for an exclusion waiver that allows coverage for Pre-Existing Medical condition provided the plan is purchased within 14 days of the initial trip deposit. All plan options must be indicated and paid for on the application and all travelers on the same plan must purchase the same options.

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