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Planning Ahead for Cruise Excursions

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happy girls riding scooter enjoy summer vacationMany travelers are taking advantage of some of the best cruise deals offered this wave season. While travelers book upcoming cruises and shop for travel insurance it’s important to also consider the activities they’ll be doing on their vacation.

While snorkeling and sunset sailing may not be of particular concern when it comes to travel insurance, the more adventurous travelers may be participating in some potentially hazardous activities.

If a traveler sustains an injury while motor scooter riding, parasailing, diving, or bungee jumping, their travel insurance policies may not cover them. It’s particularly important to understand what exclusions apply to a policy if a traveler plans to participate in hazardous activities.

The best place to start is in the exclusions section of the certificate of coverage. If the activity is not listed as an exclusion, travelers are likely covered. If the activity is excluded, they may need to purchase hazardous sports coverage. This upgrade can provide coverage for those hazardous activities.

Keeping all potential risks in mind when shopping for travel insurance will help travelers select the right protection for their cruise.