Position Statement from CSA on the Earthquake in Haiti

Published by January 14, 2010

Travel insurance companies release position statements that address recent catastrophic events that effect coverage.  The following is a position statement from CSA Travel Protection on the earthquake in Haiti.

Earthquake in Haiti


A major earthquake in Haiti on Tuesday January 12, 2010, may have claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people, according to current media reports. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake caused massive destruction affecting over 3 million people. Certain CSA Travel Protection plans offer coverage for some effects of natural disasters. Customers are strongly encouraged to read their Certificate of Insurance or Insurance Policy for details regarding their available coverage. Travelers flying to Haiti are encouraged to contact their airline for cancellation information.  For those CSA plans that do offer coverage for natural disaster, please note that there is no coverage for this specific event under any plans purchased on or after January 12, 2010.