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Primary Versus Secondary Coverage in Travel Insurance

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This article was reproduced from the Travelex newsletter.

Primary Versus Secondary Coverage

Travel insurance policies offer either primary or secondary medical coverage – do you know the difference?  In the event of a medical claim or problem, primary coverage generally ignores your other insurance and pays the claim, if it’s for a covered service. With secondary insurance, you may be required to pay a deductible and asked to exhaust coverage from other existing polices before filing a claim.

Filing claims take time and are often a hassle.  Now imagine your client has completed all the claim forms and the insurance company comes back and tells your client they need to file with their own medical insurance company before they will pay any claims. Secondary insurance coverage usually requires that you first go to your primary medical insurance and request payment.

Travelex’s coverage is primary to other medical insurance. With so many other things to plan for your client’s trip, let Travelex protect your client’s insurance needs and give you one less thing to worry about.