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Seven Corners – 5 Ways to Prevent the Worst Trip of Your Life

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Travel insurance carriers frequently provide travel tips and advice on their websites.  Seven Corners recently wrote a story with suggestions of how to avoid having a bad vacation.  The following is an excerpt from the story.

  1. Inform a friend in town of your trip and ask them to check up on the house every so often.  Leaving an empty house can become worrisome, especially if your oldest daughter decided it was a good idea to tweet about how worried you are about forgetting to double check whether or not the window on the side of the house was locked before you left for your two week long family vacation.
  2. Make sure your family is updated on vaccinations required to traveling.  Measles, Dysentery, typhoid fever, and Cholera can happen to you in real life — not just to your character and his companions who are deciding whether they should caulk the wagon and float it or to just hire a guide to assist in crossing the river safely.
  3. Arrive at the airport early.  Many factors including parking, security, and long lines contribute to airport congestion.  Plus, you’ll have a bigger window of time to rush back to the house once you’ve realized you left Macaulay Culkin home alone.
  4. Learn a few simple phrases from the native language in the foreign country.  You don’t realize how frustrating it is trying to ask someone of a different language where the restroom is– especially when time is a limiting factor…
  5. Take caution of what you are eating or drinking in another country.  Bottled water and fully cooked foods along with frequently used hand sanitizer can prevent the exact situation where following tip #4 becomes a life and death scenario.

Source: 5 ways to prevent the worst trip of your life