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Seven Corners Travel Insurance Position Statement on Carnival Triumph Disaster

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Travel insurance providers often release position statements to identify how coverage applies to current events. Seven Corners Inc has provided the following statement to clarify coverage on the Carnival Triumph disaster:

Carnival is both reimbursing the passengers for the cruise and giving them an additional $500 in compensation and credit toward a future cruise. Travel insurance plans that were purchased through a third-party rather than the cruise line can cover both the pre-cruise and post-cruise parts of your trip. Undoubtedly, many of those 4,000 passengers missed flights, hotel bookings, and much more and, as a result, lost money. A related issue is the investment many people made in future Carnival cruises as the line has cancelled more than a dozen upcoming cruises. The cruise line has refunded the money for these cruises and given them a discount on another cruise, eliminating any financial loss regarding the cruise itself.  However, the bigger issue is the flights and hotels these cruise passengers booked outside the cruise line for before and after the cruises. Insurance plans purchased through a third party will cover these losses as well.

Seven Corners Inc is handling each travel insurance claim on a case by case basis.