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Snow Causes Travel Delays in Europe

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Travel insurance protects travelers when unforeseen circumstances impact vacation plans.  A common concern of travelers is airline and airport related delays, which is also a common travel insurance claim.  Extreme winter weather in Europe has resulted in cancelled flights and airport closures.  An article from MSNBC discussed the snow caused travel delays in France.

Many European commuters suffered through traffic jams on slushy streets Thursday, and Scotland even called in the army to clear the snow. Flights out of Paris and Frankfurt were still delayed after bad weather forced the temporary closing of airports a day earlier.

Paris, a city of frequent rain, is unprepared for snow. Amid Wednesday’s snowfall of 10 centimeters (4 inches), bus service was shut down, traffic backed up, tourists were ushered out the Eiffel Tower and Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport was forced to close for an hour and a half.

When inclement weather causes substantial travel delays, travel insurance can provide relief.  Travel delay coverage covers the costs of lodging, food and transportation during a delay.  Normally a set amount of time must pass before benefits are available, anywhere from   5-12 hours.  Different plans might limit the dollar amount of coverage per person, per day or per policy.

If a delay lasts long enough, some policies allow for trip interruption coverage to apply.  When this is covered, in most cases the delay must be 24 or 48 hours.  This will reimburse travelers for unused trip costs that are forfeited.  Coverage can also reimburse last minute costs to catch up to the trip or return home early.

Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.

Source: Snow causes European travel chaos