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Squaremouth Answers Question about Travel Insurance for an Around the World Trip

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From Lonely Planet’s Travel Forum (the full discussion can be found here):

I am starting my 6 month round the world trip (US, Central America, Cuba, Europe, trans siberian train) and would like to buy travel insurance. As my residency is in Hong Kong and I start the journey from Australia, I am having trouble finding a travel insurance policy that suits me – I don’t have residency in Australia, so couldn’t find one from an Australian company, and for Hong Kong travel insurance, I am required to depart from Hong Kong… or it wouldn’t cover me if Cuba is part of my trip…

Could someone please help me as I am leaving on 20th Oct,  and I really hope to get the travel insurance before departure.

Squaremouth’s Response:

There are travel insurance policies that will provide international medical coverage based on your residency situation. The effective date is usually the date of departure, so you could just select your departure from Hong Kong as your date of departure. However, if you would rather to postpone coverage until you arrive in Australia, an international medical policy will also allow this, without your residency being an issue.

Trawick International’s “Safe Travels International” policy is a low-cost option that will provide $50,000 in emergency medical, unlimited evacuation and repatriation, and $7500 in return air trip interruption coverage. This plan also includes life insurance, non-medical evacuation, and baggage & personal items loss benefits. As long as you are not looking for a policy that includes cancellation coverage, this might be a good option for you.