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Squaremouth Spotlights HCC Atlas Travel Insurance Plans for Backpackers

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The travel insurance needs of backpackers may differ from the benefits sought by general travelers. A good backpacker’s insurance policy will include emergency medical, evacuation, and trip interruption coverage. Because backpackers are more apt to engage in activities that most travel insurance companies consider “hazardous sports,” like zip lining, rock climbing and mountain biking, hazardous sports coverage is another valuable benefit for these travelers.

Based on these requirements, the Atlas policies from HCC Medical Insurance Services meet the needs of most backpackers. HCC’s Atlas plans all include $5000 of trip interruption coverage in the form of return air to help backpackers get back home if they become injured or sick during their trip.  These policies also include coverage for pre-existing conditions and a minimum of $50,000 emergency medical. All plans also include a generous medical evacuation maximum of $500,000.

One of the most unique aspects of these Atlas plans is that they all include coverage for hazardous sports. In addition, if a traveler is injured and requires rehabilitation, these plans will cover necessary physical therapy.

If trip cancellation is not a concern, but quality medical coverage is, HCC is a great provider to consider.