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Statement from Travel Guard on the Brazilian Airline Strike

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Travel insurance carriers release position statements when current events affect coverage.  These statements identify what benefits are no longer available for future policy purchases.  When a labor strike of a common carrier becomes a foreseeable event, policies sold after then will not cover situations related to the labor strike.  The following is a statement from Travel Guard on the Brazilian airline strike.

Brazilian airline employees announced on Wednesday, December 22, 2010 they are planning a pre-Christmas strike.  They plan to strike on December 23, 2010.

Insurance would have to have been purchased on or before 12/21/10 for coverage to be effective.

Coverage for Strike would be based on the plan purchased and that plan’s Description of Coverage.

“Strike” means a stoppage of work: (1) announced, organized, and sanctioned by a labor union and (2) which interferes with the normal departure and arrival of aCommon Carrier.  This includes work slowdowns and sickouts.

The Insured’s Trip cancellation coverage must be effective prior to when the Strike is foreseeable. A Strike is foreseeable on the date labor union members vote to approve a Strike.