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Storms Leave Devestating Path in the Midwest and Southern US

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Many people compare travel insurance to protect them while they are on vacation, but the right policy can also cover situations back home.  Extreme weather in the last week has wreaked havoc in communities across the Midwest and South.  A recent article from ABC provided more details about the damage left behind by the storms.

People in large patches of the Midwest and the South had to contend with flash floods and hail the size of softballs as the storm that has been described as “hell on earth” pushed through their communities.

In Raleigh, N.C., apartment buildings had entire roofs torn off while three family members died in a mobile home park, according to Wake County spokeswoman Sarah Willamson-Baker.

“It’s like a bomb literally went off in my yard,” Sonya Kirby, a Raleigh homeowner told ABC News.

Those who planned upcoming trips and have been impacted by these storms can find relief in their travel insurance policy.

Many plans cover trip cancellation and trip interruption if fire, flood or natural disaster renders their primary residence uninhabitable.  This means travelers can be reimbursed for trip expenses that go unused and are not refunded if they cancel the trip.  Interruption coverage will also cover additional transportation expenses to return home in addition to the unused trip costs.

People already traveling in the affected regions can also be covered.  Of course, anyone in need of medical treatment or evacuation should contact the policy’s 24 hour assistance service number.  Travelers who are evacuated or have their accommodations made uninhabitable can also be covered by trip interruption.  if the storms have caused flight delays or missed connections, additional expenses for meals, lodging and transportation can be reimbursed by travel insurance as well.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.

Source: 45 Dead as Tornadoes Pound South, Midwest